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On 30 March 2013, the first results from the AMS experiment were announced by the CERN press office. [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [43] The first physics results were published in Physical Review Letters on 3 April 2013. [8] A total of ×10 6 positron and electron events were collected in the energy range from to 350 GeV. The positron fraction (of the total electron plus positron events) steadily increased from energies of 10 to 250  GeV, but the slope decreased by an order of magnitude above 20 GeV, even though the fraction of positrons still increased. There was no fine structure in the positron fraction spectrum, and no anisotropies were observed. The accompanying Physics Viewpoint [44] said that "The first results from the space-borne Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer confirm an unexplained excess of high-energy positrons in Earth-bound cosmic rays." These results are consistent with the positrons originating from the annihilation of dark matter particles in space, but not yet sufficiently conclusive to rule out other explanations. Samuel Ting said “Over the coming months, AMS will be able to tell us conclusively whether these positrons are a signal for dark matter, or whether they have some other origin." [45]

Now for the Application question.  The fact that this is a database that NASA administers should give a huge clue on the origins on low outgassing applications.  It turns out that the vacuum of outer space is the environment that induces the greatest outgassing.  Thus, the earliest applications were spacecraft, satellite and high altitude aircrafts.  Bringing things down to earth, there are many applications that involve both expensive optics and wire & cable.  Go back to the new car example and the windshield I started this blog with.  If you are building an electron microscope that includes a very, very expensive lens and lots of wire and cable within the instrument, outgassing is a concern.  Broadly speaking, low outgassing cables would be desirable where applications require cable not to contribute to any airborne (atmospheric) contamination to the environment where they are installed. This leads to the question, in outgassing, how low is low?  Historically, a TML of % or less and a CVCM of % have been considered the levels for aerospace applications.  But the vacuum and temperatures of outer space that drive these values are probably overkill for terrestrial applications. So the outgassing level requirements would tend to be application dependent.  

Alpha mass x extreme anabolic growth agent

alpha mass x extreme anabolic growth agent


alpha mass x extreme anabolic growth agentalpha mass x extreme anabolic growth agentalpha mass x extreme anabolic growth agentalpha mass x extreme anabolic growth agentalpha mass x extreme anabolic growth agent