Best size needle to inject steroids

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1. The larger the size number, the smaller the needle.   I know it seems back to front, but that’s the way it’s done.
2. Buy a packet of mixed sizes.  When learning to quilt it can be helpful to buy a packet of different sizes and practice quilting rows with the different needles. Soon it will become apparent which size you find most comfortable and which yields the best results.
3. Save the packets as a reference.  Quite often needles end up in pincushions and needles books but it is a good idea to keep the packet the needles came in so you can refer to the brand and sizes when you need to go needle shopping. 
4. Needles do wear out.   Remember hand quilting needles do wear out and become dull or even start to bend over time. Sewing with a blunt or bent needle can be tiring for your hands and produce uneven stitches. If you notice the needle is getting harder to push through the layers it’s time to change your needle.
5. Just in case you lose a needle.   If you drop your needle and cant find it, shine a flashlight in the area and you’ll soon see the glint of a shiny needle. This is faster and almost as effective as waiting for it to turn up in someone’s foot.

Best size needle to inject steroids

best size needle to inject steroids


best size needle to inject steroidsbest size needle to inject steroidsbest size needle to inject steroidsbest size needle to inject steroidsbest size needle to inject steroids