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After WrestleMania, Big Show turned face and took on a comical gimmick where he began mimicking other wrestlers, lampooning Rikishi as Showkishi, The Berzerker as Shonan the Barbarian, and Val Venis as The Big Showbowski. He defeated Kurt Angle at Backlash dressed like his friend and role model Hulk Hogan as the Showster, complete with skullcap/wig and yellow tights. Show began feuding with Shane McMahon after Shane voiced his disapproval of Big Show's antics. At Judgment Day , Shane defeated Wight in a Falls Count Anywhere match following interference from Big Boss Man, Bull Buchanan , Test, and Albert. [28] Wight returned two months later, apparently intending to gain revenge on Shane. Instead, he attacked The Undertaker thus turning heel and siding with Shane once more, forming a short-lived stable known as "The Conspiracy" with Shane, Chris Benoit , Kurt Angle, and Edge and Christian . After The Undertaker threw Show off a stage through a table, he was removed from WWF television for the remainder of the year. Big Show was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling , a WWF developmental territory, to lose weight and improve his cardiovascular fitness. [29]

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Big e langston usa esteroides

big e langston usa esteroides


big e langston usa esteroidesbig e langston usa esteroidesbig e langston usa esteroidesbig e langston usa esteroidesbig e langston usa esteroides