Doctor gave me steroids

"My son is graduating from College tomorrow!"
Our family is indebted to you that much and more. You are definitely one of my very favorite people in the whole world. Why? Well our youngest son, J., was diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis when he was 18. We never did get enthused with the typical drug treatments prescribed (I was always a bit skeptical of traditional medicine) mostly because they made him feel worse. We tried some of the same "cures" you tried for your problems such as Elaine Gottschall's recipes complete with almond flour from CA. My wife spent many hours baking for him, but eventually he said the almond flour was not agreeing with him. I told him we still had a couple of other options. One was the fruit and vegetable diet that David Klein had used to cure himself and the other was the IBD Remission Diet from your book of the same title.
We decided to start out with your shakes in the fall of 2006. I was not sure he would find them an acceptable substitute for his regular diet but he was not feeling too good and was anxious to try something. We added flax seed oil to the shakes and he found them quite agreeable and for a few months they were about all the nutrition he took in. He immediately commented that he had more energy (he really had not been taking in enough calories). In January of this year he had another complete examination of his digestive system at a different clinic and the doctor said he was 95% confident that he had no inflammatory bowel disease (no ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, or celiac disease). I was happy to hear that but not too surprised. J was also happy but also puzzled as to what had caused his discomfort and some other symptoms. I pointed out your thinking on bowel problems being on a long gradual spectrum from minor distress such as IBS to severe crohn's. His problems could have had any of a number of origins or combinations of origins - allergies, candidiasis (he had never eaten a good diet from my point of view - as a baby he shunned vegetables and lived on milk and peach cobbler), and lack of exercise - I made the mistake of getting him a computer when he was about 5 and his favorite pastime is gaming.
J is graduating from college tomorrow - major in finance. I would hate to go so far as to say it is good that you had bowel problems because otherwise you would have not done the extensive investigative work you did, would not have written your great books and not created the shakes that helped prepare J for that second favorable diagnosis. But, since you did have your problems you did do the investigative work, wrote the great books, and created the great shakes, and J and I and my wife and the rest of our family will always be indebted to you - thanks much!!!!
- Dave B., Ohio

It is a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, because Steere, from the CDC, changed/altered the disease testing and definition so he could get a patent to make a vaccine.
Anyone can say they are an LLMD. So get references first.
Suggestions for alternative, natural treatments.
Bee Venom Therapy has been kicking the butt off Lyme Disease with those using it. In my humble opinion, antibiotics can’t cure Lyme Disease because it changes and can hide from them.
I am using GcMAF now and am herxing badly. Backed off some, even though I am using a miniscule amount.
I started my journey using Low Dose Naltrexone, LDN, which helped me get out of bed after being bedridden for 2 years.

When I was into body building but constrained by being an obvious "hard gainer" I tried lots of training and nutrition ideas, the one diet that seemed to pay off was what one guy described to me as the "all red meat" diet. No you don't only eat red meat, but you try to consciously consume as much as you can. Steak for breakfast with eggs, hamburger for lunch, even eat a big steak right before you go to bed as as long as it's not too many calories for your body to use soon it won't convert to fat.
You also have to break out if the mold of thinking whatever the big guy in the gym does will help me. Find a guy who looked like you a few months ago and is now noticeably bigger.
In those days I trained at Gold's Gym in San Diego right next to Achim Albricht, Sonny Schmidt, Big Jim Quinn and Milos Sarcev. It was quite obvious these guys were both genetic freaks and on steroids, I remember one of the more candid trainers speaking about them and Dorian Yates in particular, saying Dorian could push a broom all day and not look much different than he did then.
What they were doing and eating had little relevance toward most of the rest of us. The biggest scam was Weider magazine's constant use of endorsements by pros for advertisers selling protein powder and the like, one month Milos appeared in an ad proudly showing him holding this outrageously expensive, horrible tasting powdered cardboard and dirt mixture (tastes that way at least) and he laughed at the fat check he was paid and word around the gym was he had used it just once after they comped him some as part of the contract and he spit it out after tasting it.
The ad made it sound like all his muscle came from using that product.
I did find the Arnold Schwarzeneggar encyclopedia of bodybuilding to be a reliable and helpful reference. Weider's rags are best used for puppy training, fully useless and most of the "expert" famous columnists are egotistical dopes arguing their way is best, silly for the above explained reasons.
(I was once confident I would be into bodybuilding until death. That ended one day when I was doing incline press on a smith rack, felt strong that day, threw an extra ten on each side going for six. On the third rep I turned my head left to look at the mirror and check my form and heard a pop, lucky the smith rack caught the bar for me. I don't know what I injured but it was moderately painful, and I could never pick up a 45 plate without almost dropping it from the pain. Kept trying to go back and train for two years but it persisted. Today 15 years later I have severe scoliosis, possibly related?)

Doctor gave me steroids

doctor gave me steroids


doctor gave me steroidsdoctor gave me steroidsdoctor gave me steroidsdoctor gave me steroidsdoctor gave me steroids