Epic steroid transformation

Your average gym guy on steroids can abuse the hell out of alcohol, junk food and other substances and still build muscle. No wonder why the guy you know is still getting big despite downing a peg or two post workout. Steroids can compensate for this irresponsible behavior for them. But if you as a natural trainee do that, you are doomed. Excessive smoking leads to reduction of Vitamin C levels in blood of smoker. Vitamin C is involved in many bodily functions which also includes repair of body tissues and reduction of muscle soreness. Excessive alcohol consumption is known to reduce testosterone levels apart from plenty other downsides.

Endometrial cancer risk prediction models including lifestyle, anthropometric and reproductive factors have limited discrimination. Adding biomarker data to these models may improve predictive capacity; to our knowledge, this has not been investigated for endometrial cancer. Using a nested case-control study within the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) cohort, we investigated the improvement in discrimination gained by adding serum biomarker concentrations to risk estimates derived from an existing risk prediction model based on epidemiologic factors. Serum concentrations of sex steroid hormones, metabolic markers, growth factors, adipokines and cytokines were evaluated in a step-wise backward selection process; biomarkers were retained at p <  indicating improvement in the Akaike information criterion (AIC). Improvement in discrimination was assessed using the C-statistic for all biomarkers alone, and change in C-statistic from addition of biomarkers to preexisting absolute risk estimates. We used internal validation with bootstrapping (1000-fold) to adjust for over-fitting. Adiponectin, estrone, interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and triglycerides were selected into the model. After accounting for over-fitting, discrimination was improved by percentage points when all evaluated biomarkers were included and percentage points in the model including the selected biomarkers. Models including etiologic markers on independent pathways and genetic markers may further improve discrimination.

It was decades later that the secret behind this spectacular success became known.  The East German Sports Federation had, with the help of the Stasi, used Performance Enhancing Drugs or PEDs to ensure that their athletes gained international recognition by winning the Olympic events. This systematic plan had been initiated in 1974 as a means to guarantee international glory through the achievement of gold medals at the prestigious sporting event. Oral- Turinabol , a testosterone derivative was used extensively to improve muscle mass and cut down recovery time. This allowed the German athletes to train harder and longer than other world athletes. 

Epic steroid transformation

epic steroid transformation


epic steroid transformationepic steroid transformationepic steroid transformationepic steroid transformationepic steroid transformation