Losing weight gained from steroids

I completely agree with Andy. All the sugars – honey, agave, etc.- “allowable” on Paleo trigger insulin responses and signal the body to store fat. I went low carb 2 years ago, and yes, the excess fat I couldn’t lose for 30 years just evaporated. Now if I ever feel a pound or 2 creeping back (rare), I check in on my carbs, cut back a bit, INCREASE dietary FAT (yes!), and I’m back to good in no time. As much as we know about fat not being the bad-guy, we STILL have a hard time truly understanding it. (Good) Fat Rocks! Otherwise, I totally agree with most of your assessments. SLEEP is a critical one!!!!

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I think 3 and 4 tie together more than you really realize. Every body is different and requires different things. I, for example, cannot digest grains. Any grains. And I am also pre-diabetic so sugar is out of the question. So I eat low-carb out of necessity. I also have had no gallbladder for over 20 years, and before you go off half-cocked saying I should then eat low-fat, my body reacted to the loss of my gallbladder by my liver OVER producing bile. So I now have a constant drip of bile into my intestines that I must eat enough fats to make up for or I have pain and well, let’s just say, very unpleasant digestive issues. So all I’m saying is blanket statements about any type of eating or another do not apply to everyone.

Losing weight gained from steroids

losing weight gained from steroids


losing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroids