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I reviewed the list for 2010 and saw Xerox on it. Xerox should not be on the list. In 2009 , they layoff a boatload of African Americans. Under strengths senior management is listed. Senior leaders at Xerox are not sharp enough to be dog catchers (sorry to dog catchers for the unfavorable comparison). Xerox is a failure because they are incapable of growing the company. The morale is terrible. I think 90% of the employees would leave if they could find a job with similar pay. The new CEO is awful. Another opportunist in a line of chief exploitation officers. Xerox outsources to India at every opportunity. I’m glad I am no longer there. There are no minority friendly companies in Rochester, NY. Unless you have a unique opportunity for growth, I would avoid Xerox like the plague. They were a good company about 20 years ago.

I was recently diagnosed with low t. I never thought I'd be dealing with this at my age, I'm only 27. My diagnosis came from a most unfortunate accident I had at one of those donkey shows in Tijuana. Basically I got too close to the stage and was on the receiving end of a kick from a donkey right to my balls. Anyways, since my accident I've noticed my upbeat demeanor change, especially on the golf course. By the time I'd reach the green, my energy was gone and my putter felt like a limp noodle. I had no energy left to putt and would by then I be so negative there would be no chance of playing well. My energy and enthusiasm that I once had for fantasy baseball has since departed and now I'm losing games to last place teams.

Mens balls on steroids

mens balls on steroids


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