Mono steroid treatment

Search methods : For this 2015 update we searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL 2015, Issue 7), which includes the Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Group's Specialised Register; MEDLINE (January 1966 to August 2015) and EMBASE (January 1974 to August 2015). We also searched trials registries, however we did not identify any new relevant completed or ongoing trials for inclusion. We combined the MEDLINE search with the Cochrane search strategy for identifying randomised controlled trials ( RCTs ). We adapted the search terms when searching EMBASE.

"People believe that it is common to have a chronic mono infection that can cause problems for years. This is really not the case," said Hymes. EBV is a viral illness in the same family as herpes and varicella (chickenpox). Like those other members of the herpes virus family, the virus can stick around in your body, Hymes explained. However, the virus is dormant and only very rarely reactivates, usually in times of stress. "Chronic active Epstein-Barr infection is something we really only see in people with immune problems — transplant patients, HIV patients, or people born missing a part of their immune system or immune function," said Hymes. Lab testing can detect chronic presence of the virus and can rule it out, so it is easily diagnosed.

Mono steroid treatment

mono steroid treatment


mono steroid treatmentmono steroid treatmentmono steroid treatmentmono steroid treatmentmono steroid treatment