Stanozolol capsula landerlan

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Alright, so what this is telling us is that Winstrol seems to have an effect on progesterone receptors in skin tissue . There is nothing to state that it has any effect on progesterone receptors elsewhere in the body, but either way this is not the main problem here.... Presumably we are supposed to believe Winstrol has some kind of anti-progestin capability because it blocked FGF stimulated DNA synthesis. The effect on DNA synthesis was measured by thymidine uptake. Less thymidine uptake means less DNA synthesis. A significant inhibition of thymidine uptake was seen in response to stanozolol in both cell types. The steroids nortestosterone, oxymetholone, and progesterone itself were also tested for their effect on thymidine uptake to determine whether the effects of stanozolol on DNA synthesis were unique. These other compounds also inhibited DNA synthesis in both cell types.

Stanozolol capsula landerlan

stanozolol capsula landerlan


stanozolol capsula landerlanstanozolol capsula landerlanstanozolol capsula landerlanstanozolol capsula landerlanstanozolol capsula landerlan