Steroid treatment in cats

Has anyone dealt with a cat with stomatitis and with urinary crystals?
I just found out the awful news today with our inside/outside cat, Jeffrey. I already lost a semi-feral to this terrible condition, and now four years later, his sister has it. Now, Jeffrey. He’s been on supplements for his immune system since he came to us with an excess saliva problem. This has just developed. While I can put him on his back, he fights to have anything put into his mouth. I’ve contacted Dr. Don Hamilton, the homeopath who’s helped me with the other stomatitis cats. Once he’s on a remedy, though, he won’t be able to have anything with peppermint in it, and at least one of the anti-plaque products has it. His new integrative vet prefers we feed him raw, but I’m not crazy about doing this with an immune-compromised cat. I’m in overwhelm. This is our fourth special needs pet, and I thought his only problem was his crystals. Thanks.

Patients rarely require drains after adrenal surgery; however, if the surgeon thinks it is necessary, an abdominal drain will be placed. Drains are more often required after open adrenalectomy than after laparoscopic adrenalectomy. Drains are relatively easy to take care of, and the output is recorded on a daily basis. Once the output decreases to a certain level, the drain will be removed. Removal of the drain is not particularly painful. It is more of a strange sensation. In general, the drain will be removed several days after surgery.

Plenty of support exists for you. The MUFFIN email list is a jewel, and the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB) will connect you with a whole community of people who have diabetic cats and will give you almost immediate feedback. The only thing we have all agreed on entirely is this: trust your own good sense. IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT, TRUST YOUR SELF. A cat's wellness is broadcast by a constellation of behaviors, and the only one who knows him well enough to get the message early is you, who lives with him and cares enough to observe closely and thoughtfully.

Steroid treatment in cats

steroid treatment in cats


steroid treatment in catssteroid treatment in catssteroid treatment in catssteroid treatment in catssteroid treatment in cats