Food should be of good quality and pure, obtained from naturally grown products. Cooked food is considered as generally easier to digest than raw and should always be eaten in a calmly manner, not in a rush. Ayurveda promotes a diet with little meat or a vegetarian diet. Moreover, as foods closely connect with the Doshas, different sorts of food are required at different times, and should correlate to the time of the day, the season and your personal Dosha constellation; . heavier food in winter and light choices in the evening. Spices also should be used in accordance with the time of the day (. noon is dominated by Pitta) and your personal constitution. Ideal foods are considered “Tridoshic”, which means they keep a good balance of the three Doshas within themselves. For example Tumeric benefits all Doshas, cleaning toxins from the blood and aiding digestion.

Maybe one of the most important factor contributing to a healthy reproduction, diet is the first thing that needs to be adjusted when deciding to change your lifestyle for the best. Switching to additives and preservatives-free foods will also boost your fertility. Try fresh foods, quality fish and lots of fruits, nuts and vegetable instead of processed meals and you will soon start feeling the difference in your vitality. Moreover, maintaining a healthy weight can have a positive impact over hormonal status and boost fertility as well.