Steroids for hand eczema

My skin had to be completely clear before I was put on the Chinese herbal tea.  After taking the steroids and before taking the tea I had to take four packets of Chinese herbal granules a day in order to see if I was suited to the treatment, which I was. My skin cleared completely and I started taking the tea.  The eczema started to come back in a few patches but it was found that I wasn’t on the right dose.  I was taking less than I should.  The dose was put up to four tea bags.  Again it started to come back all over my body but it was just dry patches.  The rawness was on my arms.

Dermatitis affected about 10% of . workers in 2010, representing over 15 million workers with dermatitis. Prevalence rates were higher among females than among males, and among those with some college education or a college degree compared to those with a high school diploma or less. Workers employed in healthcare and social assistance industries and life, physical, and social science occupations had the highest rates of reported dermatitis. About 6% of dermatitis cases among . workers were attributed to work by a healthcare professional, indicating that the prevalence rate of work-related dermatitis among workers was at least %. [69]

I forgot to mention, do NOT use oatmeal directly in bath water. It will plug up the plumbing. There are oatmeal concoctions that can be purchased in store,Walgreen’s ,etc. I found my last pk. at the dollar store.
And, my best remedies that bring almost instant relief,it I don’t want to mess with the oatmeal ( mine is on hands & arms right now ), witch hazel works wonders. One must apply at least 3 – 4 times a day. Also,do you know NOXZEMA was originally developed for the relief of eczema? Hence,the name. That’s what I slather on in AM and PM,and it does help. Warm showers only. Hot water is a killer. Humidity,whether the weather or inside home is something I can’t tolerate. When taking showers, I always finish with about 2 minutes with as cold water as I can stand. Makes it easier to face the cooling,& refreshing,especially in warm weather, followed by a generous amount of Noxzema to tackle the day.
Hope some or at least one of these suggestions will work for you!! Keep the faith.

Steroids for hand eczema

steroids for hand eczema


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