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Unfortunately there exists no test that can determine a bodybuilder's detailed drug use in the far past, and doping test results are very easy to manipulate . Therefore, if you really want to know whether a bodybuilder is true natural, or which drugs he has been using to build his physique, you will have to ask him. The standard answer to this question is, however, always "No, I have never used any drugs". However, if you get to know the guy better, develop some friendship, give him some complements on his physique, and especially if he thinks that you are a drug user yourself or interested in becoming one, he might well loosen up and start telling you at least part of his true story.

For optimal health, people need a delicate balance of different chemicals. When something throws off this balance, it can disrupt one or more physical processes or functions, resulting in unwanted side effects. One of the biggest criticisms of using natural steroids as supplements, therefore, is that they still can be dangerous, even though they are not synthetically made. Some individuals also point out that they are little different than the man-made types, in that they still produce the same ending results. Subsequently, organizations are beginning to ban many versions — prohormone use became illegal in the United States in 2004 with the Anabolic Steroid Control Act, for instance.

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Steroids natural products

steroids natural products


steroids natural productssteroids natural productssteroids natural productssteroids natural productssteroids natural products