Test freak anabolic freak side effects

Testosterone or "T" as it's known has always been and is today the most successful muscle building hormone in existance. It's literally the hormone that separates the men from the boys. So what about testosterone supplements & testosterone pills? Well there are numerous naturally occurring plants from which potent plant sterols, vitamins & ingredients are extracted & used in testosterone support supplements. To explain further these supplements are not steroids or prohormone supplements but rather natural ingredients that work with your body & may support natural testosterone production within the normal range. Some commonly taken supplements of this type are tribulus terrestris, longjack, fenugreek & ZMA which are a safe and intelligent alternative to potentially dangerous steroids & prohormones.

Review is for the powdered version:

Taste: Blue Raspberry - 7/10

Nothing flash - sweet, raspberry-ish taste, had better / worse but for a test booster it's pretty good. It was 1 serve so if you wanted to double dose to get your full 3g of DAA it might be quite strong. It smelt like kava though .. and kinda looks like it to!

Taste Orange - 8/10

A lot tastier - while drinking it tasted a bit like pineapple but then definite orange aftertaste.

Consistency - 6/10

Clumped up somewhat at the bottom no matter how much I stirred / shook it. I tried to get a shot of it above, you can see some small lumps .. kinda.. :/ Anyways, left it for a few minutes and it sorted itself out. Happened with both samples. I didn't let the orange settle for long enough and caught some chunks - HELL it was sour!!

Formula - 8/10

DAA - It's tried, tested and proven (apparently.. well, it works for me!) When dosed at a full 3g, which is 2 scoops of this, it should see you right. Rhodia Rosea appears in quite a few supplements as anti-cortisol which is good especially for stress-monkeys like me, and a bit of resveratrol for anti-estrogen.

It certainly looks a bit lighter than other test boosters out there which bog the label down with a million different compounds.

Overall score - 8/10

This is the second powdered test booster I've tried after Anotest. As I mentioned, DAA seems to be a solid ingredient for test boosters and from what Ive read should be run with an anti-estrogen product which is included in the ingredients.

Wasn't sure about the 'blue raspberry' colour / taste, but much like Superpump Max's blu rasp, I'm not fussed. The orange was much nicer, would recommend.

Test freak anabolic freak side effects

test freak anabolic freak side effects


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