Why do athletes use steroids drugs

No matter how it is abused (., snorting, smoking or injecting) most of the cocaine impacts the brain. Its use results in a euphoria that only lasts five to 15 minutes. Studies that have analyzed how cocaine impacts athletic abilities have actually determined the drug decreases the user’s performance. This is because cocaine makes the user feel so good, they perceive everything around them in a better light, including their own abilities. Researchers found cocaine to diminish an athlete’s strength, endurance and overall performance, despite the user’s  distorted perception  that they were improving. It also impaired the body’s ability to regulate its own temperature.

1) The majority of studies show that a healthy person taking albuterol does not get a performance improvement. For one thing, except in a small, small % of athletes, ventilation (moving air) is not the limiting factor in performance. The lungs in a healthy person are not the limiting factor (aside from the above mentioned small % of athletes).
2) Clenbuterol is prohibited by the antidoping code. There are no exceptions.
3) EIB is not the same as ADHD. EIB is a reduction in lung function that is measured in a pulmonary function test. There are several tests that can be used. An athlete seeking permission to use one of the allowed meds must have proof of diagnosis. ADHD is less quantifiable.

Since the potty provision's inception, however, tennis players have been exploiting the pee-break rule for strategic advantage, proving there is no level elite athletes will not stoop, or squat, to in order to gain the slightest advantage. In the 2010 Australian Open, after losing the first set of his quarterfinal match, Federer killed time in the can while allowing the blinding sun to dip below the stands. In 2012, Andy Murray won the first two sets of his . Open finals match, but when the next two slipped away, he sheepishly signaled to the umpire and tiptoed off the court, disappearing into a one-toilet restroom under Arthur Ashe Stadium. As the crowd and Novak Djokovic waited, Murray later told The New York Times , he stood alone in front of the mirror screaming at his reflection, "You are not going to let this one slip." He was speaking of the match (one presumes), which he battled back to win after one of the most fortuitous pee breaks in sports history.

Why do athletes use steroids drugs

why do athletes use steroids drugs


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