Wrestlers deaths steroids

Punk gauges his time with WWE through a very specific metric. Punk wanted to main event a WrestleMania. Not just work a world title match. Not just work with one of the company’s top stars or in a match WWE billed as a main event. He wanted to close the biggest show of the year by working the last match. Punk is nothing if not stubborn in his beliefs. He made it clear that that ‘Mania main event was the last goal he hadn’t yet accomplished in WWE , and the factor that he rested his WWE legacy on. When he caught word he was to face Triple H at WrestleMania 30, and not in the last match, that seemed to have been a big factor in deciding to walk from the company in early 2014.

They are steroid abusing weight lifters who also train to do this fake stuff. That’s why so many of them die so young. My brother was friends with a guy named Dave Barbie who had a tryout with the Eagles in the NFL but didn’t make it, so he got into wrestling. He got out after a couple of years because of the drugs everyone was on. He didn’t want to do it and he was forced to leave.
When Hulk Hogan was put on the witness stand years ago, he admitted that he did tons of steroids when he was in the WWF, and gave up Jim McMahon as a steroid user and pusher, too.
Anyone who thinks that this pro wrestling is real believes in tooth fairies and ghosts. And if they drug tested these guys, they wouldn’t have any wrestlers to put on a show.

Wrestlers deaths steroids

wrestlers deaths steroids


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